1. What Are We Paying Attention Too?

    Check your local news headlines for a minute, scroll your social media feeds and just listen to the conversations taking place around you. Are you seeing what I see? Debates, fears, and division occurring in our communities at many levels. We scorn each other for wearing or not wearing a mask. We ar…Read More

  2. The Noise Was So Loud

    It started out like most days.  I woke up, fed the dog, meditated, wrote in my journal, had a cup of coffee and started getting to my work for the day.   I checked email, posted on social, read a few posts and checked out our local news sources to see the latest updates. My wife came downstairs a…Read More

  3. Never Again

    In my life I have never been deemed “non-essential”.  Not once as a military veteran, 20+ year police officer, husband, father, son, or brother, have I been ordered to stay home due to danger, uncertainty, and to trust that others are looking out for me and my family. As a small business owner …Read More

  4. Our Wake-Up Call?

    Maybe we were just going through the motions of life, our personal relationships, how we were treating the earth.  Maybe just maybe our current situation was exactly what we needed to wake us up! As Americans, maybe we were too comfortable with our freedoms.  Free to work, travel, shop, attend chu…Read More

  5. An American Tradition

    It is not the 4th of July, baseball, or apple pie.  It is something that is woven even deeper into our American culture than those icons.  It is truest of American traditions, and one that makes us the envy of people around the world, it is our freedom to question our government. While many of us …Read More

  6. I Do not Want to Go Back to Normal

    This may not be what you want to hear but I encourage you to think about it for a moment. I do not want to return to the “normal life” that we had before this event. I do not want to go back to the time I over consumed products just because I could, without any thought or consideration about the…Read More

  7. Social Media with GRACE

    I share on social media that I am sad, fearful and uncertain because our businesses are closed and uncertain as to when we can reopen.  Someone takes the time to respond that I should be grateful I have a business to worry about. Our family is saddened and nostalgic that our son does not get to enj…Read More

  8. Replace Fear with Love 

    During these times of uncertainty and forced change to our daily routines, it is easy to become overcome with fear.  If you watch the news for any length of time, scroll social media or at times even engage virtually with your friends, you can become bombarded with messages of all the impending doo…Read More

  9. A Time for Feeling All the Feels

    Day by day as more information is learned, what we thought we knew is changed, and the weight of uncertainty persists, I find myself running through a gamut of emotions. I am worried yet confident, sad and happy, scared and fearless, determined but doubtful, certain and at times, full of regret. On…Read More

  10. A Cancelled St. Patrick’s Day!

    A St. Patrick’s Day in Butte, Montana, without a parade and thousands of people celebrating the luck of the Irish in the streets was downright eerie.  Businesses that would normally be bustling with people adorned in beads and dressed head to toe in green, were all closed for business like a Sund…Read More