1. What is Your Legacy?

    When you ask people to define the term “Legacy”, frequently you hear ideas like these “it’s what people say about you after you have passed away” or “it’s what you leave behind”. However, I’d like to ask you to think for a moment about your “living legacy”. How does what you do…Read More

  2. Be a Blessing 

    As we seek to improve ourselves and our lives, let’s not forget about one of the most rewarding aspects to the pursuit of our success. That is our ability to lift others, encourage others, and grow alongside of others, who are also seeking their own improvement. We need to fight the urge to be res…Read More

  3. We Don’t Just Deserve Our Dreams

    One of the joys of coaching so many people from all walks of life is that I get to hear and see many of the same ideas, goals and dreams packaged in different forms. I cannot think of a person I have met yet, that did not have a dream they wished to achieve in life.  Some desire a bigger house, a f…Read More

  4. Visualize the Results, Love the Process

    At times, I find myself in conversations with people who are always jumping from idea to idea, business plan to business plan, from one great thing to the next. Many times, their next jump takes place at the same time the last great idea hit a bump in the road or an obstacle.   It is obvious they …Read More

  5. My Rule of 3

    On many days I find myself feeling like this sign.  I was always open and willing to hear new ideas, be pitched on new things I could or should be doing and I honestly felt like I was running fast and getting nowhere quickly. Being an optimist one of my faults is that I usually see the potential in…Read More

  6. Slowing Down

    As we move into a new decade it seems like life just continues to pick up speed. Days blend into weeks, weeks to months, months to years and now years seem to quickly turn into decades. My goal for 2020 is to consciously slow things down in my life and balance better the need to “grind” with the…Read More

  7. Are You Holding Yourself Back?

    With the new year quickly approaching it will be time for those life changing resolutions to abound. For many reasons, fear, unwillingness to be uncomfortable, lack of belief, we will intentionally hold ourselves back from our own goals. If you have a dream.  Want something different in life.  Com…Read More

  8. Collaboration

    “the action of working with someone to produce or create something.” We often hear of collaboration involving music artists or sports figures coming together to create a super team.  You get a couple of highly successful people who are willing to put aside a little of their individual piece of …Read More

  9. Finish Your Dreams

    This week as I finished writing my first book, yes first, I will write more.  I stopped to reflect on the process and what I learned. My thoughts kept coming back to the fact that seeing a project that once seemed so large and unreal come to completion is the success. If I would have just never tol…Read More

  10. Who Are You Listening To?

    As I approach being “retired” for almost a year now I find it interesting that some of the biggest projects I am working on were not even my ideas! The book, podcast, leadership presentations and a game changing collaboration with a couple other law enforcement power players, were not things I w…Read More