1. What Can We Control?

    This week I had a talk with Taiya about life as a teenager and the importance of focusing our energy on what we can control in our lives. I really believe we should focus on three things every day that we are in full control of: 1 - Our Attitude - Life will always throw us curveballs and unexpected …Read More

  2. Saying “NO”

    I’ve always been able to say “no” but I did not necessarily do it with the grace or civility of a gentleman.  When I said no it was a final answer, and left no room for debate.   I was blunt, direct and to be honest probably pretty rude.  I had no concept or vision of how I may want to rev…Read More

  3. Why?

    Knowing your why? This statement is pretty popular in motivational speaking and life coaching circles, so many of you have probably heard it in some context or another. There are two keys points to keep in mind trying to identify your why. First off you need to separate your why you do what you do, …Read More

  4. How Northern Colorado Police Train by the Coloradoan

    Here is a link to a story I participated in.  I truly enjoy getting to do these kinds of interviews and change the way police training is viewed, conducted, and balanced with community expectations. http://www.coloradoan.com/story/news/2017/11/10/how-northern-colorado-police-train-use-force/8461740…Read More

  5. The Cost of Valuing Productivity over Humanity

    This week I was given an opportunity to speak at a staff retreat for some civilian units within our local law enforcement agency.    I was excited for this because these two teams are made up of high performing individuals who go through a six month intrusive and sometimes intimidating hiring pro…Read More

  6. Children, Challenges, and I Love You

    Now that our oldest daughter is 22 and living her adult life we are able to laugh about the experiences we went through with her as a teenager.  I can’t lie some of those memories are still painful, unsettling, and remind me of how hard a time that is for our kids.  The constant trying to figure…Read More

  7. #Fridayfocus

    From the age of 5 all Taiya wanted to be was an Olympic gymnast.  She spent four nights a week and Saturday mornings all year long practicing and honing her skills in search of that perfect performance.  This was more than just a sport to Taiya.  It was truly her passion and a large part of her i…Read More

  8. Be the Change

    The other day I met with a professor from a large state university about speaking to his criminal justice class.  He told me he wanted me to share some stories about cases I have investigated and that he thought the students would be “entertained”.  While taking a moment to process what I hear…Read More

  9. Perfect?

    This morning I had a meeting with a good friend of mine who has recently opened his own business.  As we sat down he told me he was looking for some advice on how to use social media for his business and wanted any practical business tips I had because we are doing so well on both.  As he shared h…Read More


    HOPE:   want something to happen or be the case WISH:   feel or express a strong desire or hope for something that is not easily attainable; want something that cannot or probably will not happen These are the definitions for two words that I hear all the time from people usually said in the con…Read More