1. How to Make Yourself Better      

    I am obsessed with self-improvement and working each day to create the best possible me.  I love varying my workouts to make sure my body does not get complacent and reading books that improve my knowledge or expose me to other viewpoints.  I love having conversations with people I respect to see …Read More

  2. Your Five?

    It was in a recent conversation with our two teenagers that we were on a consistent topic, who they choose to call “friends” and spend their time with.  I was explaining to them the quote: “You become the sum of the five people you spend the most time with”  - Jim Rohn I asked them to thin…Read More

  3. 2 Things We Completely Control

    Effort – The amount of hard work we are willing to put in to achieve something Attitude – The thoughts and feelings we have about the hard work required We cannot eliminate the unknowns of life, the obstacles that come out of nowhere, the challenges we could not have predicted, or the unforeseen…Read More

  4. Make the Time

    About a month ago our family was sitting around talking about things we wanted to do this summer.  During the conversations we began sharing stories about some of our favorite road trips and the shenanigans they usually included.  As the stories continued I realized how many of them were about Tre…Read More

  5. Belief and Action

    I am truly appreciative of all of you that take time to read this weekly, and comment, like, share, or message us about it.  It is my hope the messages, self-reflection and honesty have brought about the same in you in some manner.  I must share that one of my biggest fears is that what we are doi…Read More

  6. Being Vulnerable is Being Strong    

    Last week I received a comment from a friend that really struck me.  She wrote, “thanks for showing your vulnerability”.  I had not even considered these blogs in that light and was sharing the real side of my life.  However, over this week I kept thinking about her comment and realized she w…Read More


    Team this week has been a weird roller coaster for me and quite honestly a struggle to write this blog.  There were big successes this week, our police training videos are now on YouTube and doing well in views and comments, the school year ended, Taiya received straight A’s, Dreana bought a new …Read More

  8. Purpose vs Motivation

    This week I was asked to deliver a “motivational” talk with someone who was struggling.  It got me thinking that I don’t really like being “motivational”.  I would much rather have a talk in which people reflect and find their true “purpose”. When I think of motivation I think of vid…Read More

  9. We Are What We Think

    I have been spending a lot of my time recently researching and trying new activities that will help me shape my thoughts, focus my energy, and attract what I’m wanting to become. This week a common topic that kept appearing was something known as the “placebo effect”.  For those of you unfami…Read More

  10. Don’t Assume It Is Luck  

    Recently, I was having a conversation with someone who said they wanted to learn more about our blog posts.  I was enjoying the conversation and was extremely humbled to know people were reading it and trying to implement the ideas into their own lives.  We were sharing experiences, what we had le…Read More