1. Accountability

    Just the mention of this word can trigger many different responses in people.  Nervousness, disappointment, shame, maybe even anger.  The reason is because deep down we know we did not do what we said we were going to do.  We know we talked about our dreams, goals, our ideal life, and all the thi…Read More

  2. Learn Together, Grow Together

    For the past few years our family has been emerged in tremendous growth.  From our kids moving into college and high school, to Andrea and I buying businesses, starting businesses and preparing to be empty nesters. During this process Andrea and I have been extremely mindful to make sure we are gro…Read More

  3. Really Listening

    For a while now I’ve been focused on improving my listening skills.  I have been working hard at speaking last in conversations, meetings, or in social groups.  I am consciously focusing on slowing my mind down so that it is not racing to find the next counter point, bouncing around from topic t…Read More

  4. The Little Voice Within

    Everyone has a little voice they’ll hear inside their own head. I don’t care who you are, how successful you have been, how rich you are, or where you are from, we all have that inside voice.   Does your inside voice give your reassurance, tell you what you can do, and encourage you to push on?…Read More

  5. Realization and Appreciation  

    In the winter of 2014 I wanted to challenge myself and accepted an opportunity to compete in a mixed martial arts fight.  I had never participated in individual sports growing up and was a tad bit older than average to be making my mma debut.  I was not sure if I would be able to handle the nerves…Read More

  6. Dealing with the Leftovers

    In my house it’s always been a rule, dad eats all the leftovers no matter what they are. It does not matter if I like them or not, it’s just part of my job. So for the past 21 years when I go to work I usually have no idea what Andrea has packed for me from our current batch of leftovers. Every …Read More

  7. What Do You Believe?

    I’ve always been aware of positive self-talk and the ability visualization has to improve performance. I’ve used these techniques many times in my athletic and professional careers but it wasn’t until recently that I started using them in my personal life. Andrea and I started openly talking a…Read More

  8. Thank You for Helping Raise a Son!

    As I go through my social media feeds this weekend I’m amazed at how big of a role the sport of wrestling has played in our family.  We are reminded of the families we’ve spent countless weekends with traveling across Colorado and the nation.  We see the growth and progression of the many youn…Read More

  9. Don’t Wait to Let Them Know

    The past week I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on some of life’s journeys and the cruel and unusual twists that come with them.  I’m currently in my 20th year of law enforcement and know my time in this career is nearing its end.  Yet, I’m extremely fortunate that my current assignment al…Read More

  10. The Perfect Day

    This week Andrea and I had an encounter with our kids that made me take pause and ask myself what am I doing.  It started early in the week when we all arrived at the house from our variety of activities, I remember hearing Andrea ask Taiya “how was school?”.  Taiya gave the same response I pr…Read More