Effort – The amount of hard work we are willing to put in to achieve something

Attitude – The thoughts and feelings we have about the hard work required

We cannot eliminate the unknowns of life, the obstacles that come out of nowhere, the challenges we could not have predicted, or the unforeseen circumstances that take us on a different path.  Many times, it seems like life’s sole purpose is to throw monkey wrenches into even the best of your plans.  Instead of allowing the unpredictable and uncontrollable to determine how we feel and what we can achieve.  I challenge you to focus on two aspects that are always 100% in your control.

EFFORT – No one or nothing can make us give less than our best effort.  How hard we want to work, what we are willing to sacrifice to accomplish a goal, to make a dream a reality, is always and completely up to us!  Be honest with yourself when you look in the mirror, have you have done your best, tried everything and given an honest effort, or did you mail it in and take the easy road of staying status quo!

ATTITUDE – In our minds do we see the challenges in front of us as opportunities to grow, think creatively, and improve, or as permanent barriers to keep us from our goals and dreams? Do we feel sorry for ourselves and throw our hands up in the air to say “if only that hadn’t happened I could have….”.  Or are we working on viewing difficult people, situations, and challenges as opportunities to practice new skills, ideas and to grow.

I encourage all of us not to spend our time and energy looking for the easy road, avoiding  tasks, challenges and difficult opportunities but to seek them out, tackle them head on and see what we can achieve.