A St. Patrick’s Day in Butte, Montana, without a parade and thousands of people celebrating the luck of the Irish in the streets was downright eerie.  Businesses that would normally be bustling with people adorned in beads and dressed head to toe in green, were all closed for business like a Sunday during hunting season.

While our daily lives are disrupted and we adjust to new terms like social distancing, we are very much in control of how we choose to respond to all of this.  We can choose to support our local businesses, check in on our elderly neighbors, and realize we are creating stories that we will one day tell our grand children about.

You see it is in these difficult times that our true character is revealed.  It is these times where we are reminded of the importance of our communities and all that we truly have in common as human beings.

Let’s be kind and graceful to one another during this unprecedented time in our history.