Day by day as more information is learned, what we thought we knew is changed, and the weight of uncertainty persists, I find myself running through a gamut of emotions.

I am worried yet confident, sad and happy, scared and fearless, determined but doubtful, certain and at times, full of regret. On the craziest of days it feels like I am all of them at once.

I knew I was stepping into a trail that I would blaze for myself and my family, yet I never accounted for how little control I may have at times. While I am not sure what I could have done to prepare for this historic event, it now my job, to figure out how to put the pieces back together.

It is my hope that what you all take from this message is that it is perfectly normal to go through the same emotional roller coaster. While we all have lots of time for social media, you do not need to pretend to be perfect.

In fact, I believe the greatest good that can emerge from this event is the understanding of our need for real authentic community not our perfectly crafted image on social media.

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