Just the mention of this word can trigger many different responses in people.  Nervousness, disappointment, shame, maybe even anger.  The reason is because deep down we know we did not do what we said we were going to do.  We know we talked about our dreams, goals, our ideal life, and all the things we would do “only if” in that fantasy world of “someday”.

For many people we will avoid having to face these feelings by simply never sharing.  We will keep all our amazing ideas, our true purpose, our biggest dreams to ourselves.  We won’t share so that no one will ever ask us about our progress towards any of it.

I have always been a big dreamer and believer, but in all honesty, I was a lot like what we described above.  I was afraid to share because I knew I was not working hard enough, learning new skills, or getting uncomfortable by trying the new things needed to progress.

I credit much of my recent success to the fact I have people around me that hold me accountable.  People that believe in me, know what I am capable of, know what I want to achieve and will not accept excuses for staying in the status quo.

I don’t have to pay a membership to be in some exclusive group to get this service and neither do you.  The people that I trust to hold me accountable live in the same house as me, go to the same gym as me, and read posts on the same social media sites as me.

I encourage all of you to share your ideas, dreams and goals, with several people that you know will hold you accountable as well.  Then schedule periodic meet ups to measure your progress, share strategies for handling obstacles, share success stories, and ease your fears as you move forward.