One of the biggest challenges most families face, and we are no exception, is trying to balance chasing your dreams with the practicality of handling the issues of day to day life.  This week has been a great example for us of the teamwork required for families to truly thrive!

Andrea has been gone all week to attend the annual doTerra convention in Salt Lake City.  Prior to her leaving, as a family we sat down and  discussed the benefits of having her attend and the importance it plays in our family plan.  We agreed that the education, networking, and renewing of purpose Andrea receives at this convention is critical for her growth, the growth of the family, and should be the immediate priority.    The three of us at  home knew we would need to step up and do things we normally don’t to keep the house in order.     By doing this we help create an environment in which Andrea’s mind is at peace knowing the day to day activities were properly planned and handle, and she was set up to be a success!

Getting the planning out of the way was crucial but did not mean the rest of us should slow down our pursuits.  We just had to structure the days differently and make the most out of our hours.  We  managed to have family dinners, although not until 9 or 930 at night.  We connected and discussed our days events, successes, challenges, and the plan of attack for the next day after showers at 1030 pm.  I still worked during the day, coached at night, and did the things that I needed to, in order to live up to my end of our family plan.  It would be unacceptable for me to tell Andrea I had not accomplished any of my goals for the week simply because I was “too busy”.  It turned out this week provided me with potentially game changing opportunities and I’m convince those things happen when your energy is in the right place.  Remember you attract what you are looking for and by prioritizing Andrea’s convention, sacrificing to make sure what had to be done got done, and having a plan for success we attract more success.

While we look forward to Andrea returning home because we miss her.  I’ve even more excited to have her home to share our success stories and set the next family priority!