Being Tired Never Felt So Good

This week is one of my favorite weeks of my work year.  It’s the first week I get to train all of our new officers in the critical physical skills and decision making processes that come with their new profession.  It’s the beginning of transforming high quality individuals from all walks of life and turning them into professional police officers.  It means giving everything I can to make sure they have the skills necessary to serve our community and make it home safely to their families after every shift for the next 20 or 30 years.

In each class I look at every one of the new officers and know that all of their loved ones are counting on me.  I know the community and future community is counting on me.  I don’t take this trust or responsibility lightly.  I leave every day completely mentally and physically exhausted from giving everything I can to them.  I could not live with myself if something were to happen to one of them or because of a poor decision one of them made, due to a corner I cut or a conversation I did not have.

Yet, every morning I wake up excited for the challenge.  I wake up with purpose knowing I am going to make an impact that day that will last far beyond my time.  Giving all you have is strangely energizing and enlivening.  I don’t need an alarm clock on these days.  I don’t need to pep talk to get myself going.  Knowing they are counting on me and everything I can share is energizing enough.