I am truly appreciative of all of you that take time to read this weekly, and comment, like, share, or message us about it.  It is my hope the messages, self-reflection and honesty have brought about the same in you in some manner.  I must share that one of my biggest fears is that what we are doing become known only as “motivational”.  It is not that I am against motivation but it is my intent to help create inspiration, motivation and purpose that leads to action!

Believing in what we can do, what we dream of, and who we can become is essential to getting started, but is not enough on its own to sustain us or accomplish the changes we desire.  We must act on those beliefs by doing the things that make us uncomfortable, tired, sweaty, or nervous.  We must partner our beliefs and desires with purposeful daily action to achieve the results we want.

This week I put out my first video blog geared towards law enforcement training.  It was something I knew I needed to do for months now.  It was something my accountability partners had been on me about and I kept putting off.  Why?  Because I was uncomfortable in how I might look or sound on the video, what people would think, and the possibility that the receiving the feedback from it would be painful.  However, once I took this step, I realized the fears that had kept me from doing it, like most fears we have, were only in my head.  The reality is the vlog has been well received, in fact beyond what I had hoped for and by taking this action step I am that much closer to what I believe I can become!

I’d love to hear from you on what actions steps you have taken recently and the obstacles you overcame in doing it.   The support in this community is amazing and I am excited to watch it and the individuals in it continue to grow!