Last week Andrea and I were on the road together, teaching our respective classes, the grandparents were watching the kids, the gym was running smoothly, our only concerns were preparing for the next session. This is the kind of life we have been imagining and working towards.

Then we return home.  The Jeep needs to go to the shop, the kids schedule trumps ours, unexpected bill shows up, all the normal things in life take priority. I was bummed, stunned and for a moment or two, upset. Why can’t this week be just like last week?

Then I remembered, all the things life throws at us are really a challenge to see how easily you will sway from your path. How quickly would you settle into the “routine” daily life and forget about the dreams you once had.  The true measure of our success is how we bounce back from the unexpected and continue to move forward!

I like a good challenge, how about you?