Recently, I was having a conversation with someone who said they wanted to learn more about our blog posts.  I was enjoying the conversation and was extremely humbled to know people were reading it and trying to implement the ideas into their own lives.  We were sharing experiences, what we had learned from them and where we were heading in our lives.  Then the conversation came to a screeching halt once they said, “I’d like to do what you are doing if only I was as lucky as you”.

I was taken back by the comment and a bit hurt that they believed luck was responsible for where we were at and what we were doing.  I have never believed in luck in my life.  I firmly believe that hard work creates preparation.  Where preparation and opportunity meet is where success is had.  For those that are unprepared or not working hard this same meeting is where they would say you got lucky.

It got me wondering how many people go through life looking at each other assuming luck is responsible for success, or that bad luck is responsible for a lack of success.  It’s an easy habit to get into because it requires no ownership of your current situation.  You simply say, “I wasn’t lucky” or “they got lucky” and you truly never have to be honest with yourself.  You never have to evaluate your effort, attitude, or the relationships that surround you.  You don’t have to look at your work ethic, preparation, and have that difficult conversation with the person you see in the mirror.  The conversation where you must acknowledge you have let yourself down, that you have not held up your end of the bargain in life and that you are responsible for your own success or failure, not luck!

I encourage you to be around successful people that are doing the very things you would like to be doing.  Watch how they do it, who they do it with, and how much time they put into it.  Assume they are working hard, smart, focused on goals, and learn from them.  Don’t take the easy way out and believe they are just luckier than you.