We used to be afraid of the dark, now we are afraid of what people will think.  The boogie man used to scare us, now we are scared of what people will say.  We used to avoid talking to strangers because of the dangers, now we avoid telling those closest to us for fear they won’t believe in us.  Sound familiar?

Unfortunately, this is how many of us are living our lives, limited by our fears of what others will think, say, and believe, if only they knew the crazy hopes, desires and dreams that live inside of us!  Don’t let the irrational fears of childhood keep you from becoming the adult you have always dreamed of.  Don’t let them limit you to a life that is not fulfilling or of your choosing.  Don’t let these fears stop you from becoming who you are meant to be and sharing it with the world!  Live your desires, fuel your hopes and chase your dreams because there are plenty of people that will believe in you, will support you and will chase dreams right alongside of you!!