When we start on a new journey in our lives, whether it is a career change like I am going through, ending an unhealthy relationship, starting a business or maybe even something like moving out of your parents’ home.

One of the first things you will need to face is your fear. Some days the fear of what can go wrong will seem so loud. It can be so strong your mind will start tricking you into thinking you need to flee back to the comfort and security of what you had just left. The comfort of the “known” no matter how unfulfilling, unrewarding or unhealthy will seem so much safer than the risk of the “unknown” and all the potential there.

To truly get where you want to be in this game of life, you must remember why you are here to begin with. Why you wanted more, what you are willing to do to get more and keep moving forward into the fear. On the other side of fear is where we grow, learn and live our true lives!

I have had this talk many times with myself over the last three months and would love to hear about your battles as well!