We are constantly hearing the terms “Grinding, The Grind etc..” coming at us from motivational speakers, ads and across social media constantly. Everyone is “grinding” away at their days, working hard, getting up early, staying up late and touting the struggle of the process. We can work our bodies from dusk until dawn, we can push ourselves to physical exhaustion, we can sacrifice sleep, and we can still end up in the exact same place we started. How is this possible?

It’s because many of us are lacking BELIEF from the beginning. Many talented, hardworking people never reach their potential because of their mental limitations and weakness. Conversely people of limited talent but amazing self-belief and clear vision seem to rise to levels no one thought possible.

While I love what the “Grind” represents do not neglect the most important muscle we need to exercise daily, our MIND! Feed it information, positivity, have a clear vision, surround yourself with believers, doers and know that what you are grinding for is possible!