I am obsessed with self-improvement and working each day to create the best possible me.  I love varying my workouts to make sure my body does not get complacent and reading books that improve my knowledge or expose me to other viewpoints.  I love having conversations with people I respect to see how they have gotten to where they are in life.  I enjoy trying new experiences to ensure I am continuing to grow and to get myself out of my comfort zone.  However, as much as I believe focusing on self-improvement is important, it is not where I’ve created my best results.

My greatest personal growth, most impactful learning experiences and the most rewarding results have occurred when I am focused on making someone else better!  Try doing this, set your daily intention to be of service to someone else and to help them wherever they may need it.  It could be as easy as sharing a nice word with someone, helping encourage a friend to face the difficult task they have been avoiding, telling someone how much you appreciate them, sharing your knowledge, empathy and encouragement with someone you know needs it.   Imagine the impact we can make in so many lives if each of us wake up every day with this as our purpose!  How much hope, understanding, compassion and love would we be able to share!

You’ll be amazed at how much you will grow, how much better you feel and how fulfilled your days become when you put others first.