This week I was fortunate to spend 45 minutes with a young man working on his mma skills and discussing life in between our drills. He spoke honestly about his life and his struggles and allowed me to share with him some of my experiences and perspective. He’s a young man that sadly feels many have given up on him already and he’s only 15.

Our conversation took me back in time, to when I was an extremely angry young man. I was dealing with things I carried silently and tried to protect myself from talking about through anger. In my young mind if I pushed everyone away, no one would ask me the tough question or see the hurt that lied inside. Thankfully a man named Bruce, did not buy any of it, spent time with me and became a mentor that really changed the course of my life. I was honored to be in that role this week and can only hope to create even half the impact Bruce had on me.

Let us become a community that looks for opportunities to give of your time, share your experiences and be available for someone who just may need you and story. Many times the people that need our help the most are right in front of us if only we take the time to look.