For the past few years our family has been emerged in tremendous growth.  From our kids moving into college and high school, to Andrea and I buying businesses, starting businesses and preparing to be empty nesters.

During this process Andrea and I have been extremely mindful to make sure we are growing together not apart.  It has not always been smooth sailing, and we have had patches where we questioned if it was worth it.

Last week was one of those moments where we realized how truly blessed we are and reaffirmed our commitment to each other and our crazy life!  Andrea had reached a new rank within her business and flew out to California for a leadership conference.  As part of the conference she took a personality inventory test, followed by education on her unique tendencies.  The message she was left with was that everyone’s personality is perfect for them.  You don’t need to try to change your personality to become someone else.   When she returned home she was full of excitement and had an air of confidence about her.  It was as if she truly accepted her unique personality.

One night after dinner she was discussing the tendencies of her personality and then she started reading the personality traits of her suggested partners for life and business.  In listening to this I was amazed at how much what she was reading described me and my behaviors.  We both shared a look and smiled.  Based on this test we were perfect for each other!

It was in this moment that we realized for most of our marriage our biggest issue was that we were always in a battle trying to make each other like the other.  We realized our greatest strength as a couple and our true happiness comes from playing off each other’s strengths, accepting their uniqueness, and loving them for who they are!

As we continue to learn and grow together we can’t wait to see what we will accomplish!