At the encouragement of several people that I go to for professional advice and input I’ve started writing a book.  The book is about my personal journey and the story of my life as it stands today.   I don’t think my life is much different than most anyone else’s.  I am just hyper aware that the more I share and tell my story, the better I feel!

As I work through the different chapters I’ve had to relive a lot of memories I had filed away.  Some of them are painful, bring back tears, and remind me of the struggles of a younger me.  Others get me laughing out loud and need to be shared immediately with my family.

Something that surprised me as I worked through the chapters was realizing that I was still holding grudges.  For many years if you were part of a painful memory I intentionally or unintentionally held it against you.  Even though, I used the pain as motivation to create the very life I have now, I still held anger and resentment towards those I felt were responsible.

The more I write the more I realized both the good and bad memories are the template for the life I have today.  The experiences created by both have equally shaped who I am as a husband, parent, friend and person.  It is no longer beneficial or healthy for me to hold this against people that have also grown in the almost 40 years that have passed in some instances.

This realization has lifted a weight that I did not even realize I was carrying all these years.  I am at peace knowing it all shaped my future!