Everyday I lose count of the people I encounter that sarcastically tell me they are “living the dream”.   I hope they don’t really mean it that way.  I have a moment where I feel a bit of sadness for them and it furthers my resolve to live my dream.   
Too many of us want to “live the dream” without recognizing the reality is that everyday could be our dream!  When we look back at our lives many of our fondest memories will be of the little moments that happened day to day.  The small conversations, the loving looks, the pats on the back, the helping hand when we are down.  I’m working hard on recognizing these little moments, and being more mindful of the fact this whole journey passes us by in the blink of an eye.  At the end of our time knowing you made a difference where you could and that people will say I’m glad I got to know you is “living the dream”.
Enjoy your weekend and don’t let the little moments pass you by while you wait for the dream to happen!