About a month ago our family was sitting around talking about things we wanted to do this summer.  During the conversations we began sharing stories about some of our favorite road trips and the shenanigans they usually included.  As the stories continued I realized how many of them were about Trey and me on his summer wrestling trips.  I listened as he recounted the cheeseburger eating contests in Utah, his favorite truck stops in Kansas, water parks in Wisconsin, the breakfast buffet in Dodge City and then it hit me.  My son has become a man, he’s no longer the little guy in the back of the suburban playing video games, laughing with his buddies, he’s on the verge of leaving the nest and creating his own life.   I could only smile as we relived all these little moments that he will forever remember as part of his childhood.

Then the little lady at the table hit me in the heart.  Taiya looked at me and said, “dad we’ve never been on a road trip just the two of us”.  I thought about it and she was right we hadn’t.  It was not that I intentionally chose not to, but I guess because it was never intentional it just did not happen.  As I looked at her I asked myself how in the hell is she 15 years old already and we have never been on a trip together?

Then I did what I knew we needed to do.  I took time off from work, we packed our backpacks and the two of us left for a five-day road trip.   I don’t know which laughs, conversations or truck stops she’ll remember in the years ahead, but I know I did not want to miss out on the opportunity!  See you all next week!