On many days I find myself feeling like this sign.  I was always open and willing to hear new ideas, be pitched on new things I could or should be doing and I honestly felt like I was running fast and getting nowhere quickly.

Being an optimist one of my faults is that I usually see the potential in all ideas right away and figure we can overcome the hardships and obstacles through hard work.

At times, I’m halfway into something new and I begin to regret being there because it does not fit with what I want to be doing.  I feel it pulling me and my energy away from the places I truly draw satisfaction and that is within my already established communities.

So, for 2020, I have started a new rule of 3.

Any new idea, proposal, or time commitment I am going to take on must benefit one of these communities:

1. My gym.  2. Law enforcement 3. My Social Communities (podcast, vlog, blog, book).

This will help me be more productive and accomplish my two main goals for 2020, creating success (lots of ways to measure that) and enjoying the time with the people involved.

How are you prioritizing your time and activities in 2020?

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