This week while recording an episode of The On Purpose Podcast, we were discussing business negotiations, your value and becoming comfortable asking for it.  During this I started thinking about how this applies to our personal lives as well.

What if we took a few moments to write down our personal “non-negotiables”?

The things we had to have in any relationship, trust, commitment, understanding, growth, possibilities, whatever it is you seek.  Would we still be in some of the relationships we currently find ourselves?  Are our values being met or have “negotiations” gone completely one sided?

For many our personal value declines because of what we accept, tolerate and allow others to do, that we know is in opposition of what we want or wanted for ourselves.   Remember you have the power to hold firm or walk away in any “negotiations” if your values are being compromised, but in order to do that you have to know what they are.

Identify your personal values, hold true to them and take control of your value!