This morning I had a meeting with a good friend of mine who has recently opened his own business.  As we sat down he told me he was looking for some advice on how to use social media for his business and wanted any practical business tips I had because we are doing so well on both.  As he shared his thoughts it was apparent he had been listening to our messages of positivism, optimism, belief and risk taking.

So as I listened it was very humbling to think of how we have gotten to this place.  I’m no expert.  I have not accomplished all that I intend to.  I’m not a millionaire business owner.  So why would someone ask me these questions?  What could I possible share that would make an immediate difference for him and his family.    Then it came to me in a crystal clear manner.  We are here having this conversation because of one fundamental belief we use in our decision making.

We do not wait for perfect!  We do not wait for the perfect time to do what we know needs to be done.  We do not wait for the perfect time to share a message, to take a risk, or to believe in ourselves.  In fact we embrace being imperfect!  We embrace the opportunity to make mistakes, to dust off after coming up short and to celebrate our failures.  We know from experience that every time one of these things happen, we are about to learn valuable lessons and are prepared to grow!

So I encouraged him to get out there and start making mistakes.  Start learning the lessons that only come from taking action and don’t wait for perfect!