Pain is our notification that we have lost something important in our lives. It could be a portion of our health or wellness, the loss of someone special, the job we always wanted, a relationship we neglected, a sporting event we had committed everything to, or even a reminder we have lost sight of who we wanted to be. Too many of us, myself included push pain away, “I don’t have time to deal with this now”, sound familiar? What happens if we never have time for it? We end up with a closet full of a lifetime of unresolved pain.

My suggestion, let the pain sink in, feel it, embrace it and learn from it. There will always be a lesson in the pain, if, we can get past the initial shock. Surprisingly on the other side of the pain is an opportunity for us to grow and development!

Pain is a great motivator to start making changes before it’s too late, but only if we use it!