As I was coaching a class this week, I saw our students doing something that caught my eye.

This group of students went second in a round of conditioning.  By doing so they had the advantage of knowing the round was exactly six minutes, while the first group had to keep going until I called time.

I noticed many of the students were frequently looking towards the clock and I could see them calculating how much time they had left.  They were measuring the amount of effort they put out in order to reach the final buzzer.

So, when we finished and they thought they were done, we immediately went into a five-minute round of team sprints.  Everyone in the class did great with this, even those who were most intently staring at the clock just seconds earlier.

In this moment, I realized many of us have this same mindset in our daily lives.  We do just enough from 8-5 to get through the day without being fired.  We spend Monday through Thursday looking forward to Friday and Saturday.  We go through the motions in our daily relationships while planning on making up for it on our once a year vacation.

Like my second group showed, many of us have much more to give!

Don’t spend your days, weeks and years looking for things to be over and just going through the motions.  Enjoy the challenges and moments that truly make up your life.

Let’s not look back on our lives and wonder what could have been if only we had given more, tried harder and committed to what was right in front of us.