As I go through my social media feeds this weekend I’m amazed at how big of a role the sport of wrestling has played in our family.  We are reminded of the families we’ve spent countless weekends with traveling across Colorado and the nation.  We see the growth and progression of the many young men and women from the little people we once knew into the amazing young people they are today.  We are also reminded of the many kids and families we knew that chose to move on from wrestling.

I was so happy that on Saturday afternoon Trey secured his spot for the state tournament.  We’ve been down to the tournament almost every year since he was 4 years old watching the wrestlers he looked up to and dreaming of the day he’d be there.  He’s always had big goals but getting to the Pepsi Center has always been at the top of the list.  While I’m happy he’s made it I also feel the need to share a little more about how he got there.

He was not the kind of youth wrestler that captured tournament after tournament.  He was never the wrestler that picked up the skills easily and transferred it to his matches.  Many times, he was the wrestler that traveled across the country with a group of elite wrestlers and went 0 and 2.  He was the kind of wrestler that coaches spent numerous hours telling him to believe in the journey, to keep working hard, and that he was about to break through to the next level.  As a family, we spent many hours dealing with difficult losses and trips that financially made no sense when looking simply at wins and losses.  We often wondered if the next heartbreaking loss would be the one that pushed him away from wrestling.  Away from the highs and lows, the smiles and tears, and the very clearly defined wins and losses that are only too real in this sport.  Yet every time we returned home he was already talking about the next tournament, the next practice, what he did wrong and how to improve it.

The sport of wrestling, the coaches we’ve been blessed with, and the families that have never wavered in their support of Trey, have made an impact far beyond the wrestling rooms and gymnasiums.  You all have helped shape a young man who is resilient, resourceful and grounded in the knowledge that the best way to tackle life’s problems and setbacks is through more hard work!

Thank you all!