Everyone has a little voice they’ll hear inside their own head. I don’t care who you are, how successful you have been, how rich you are, or where you are from, we all have that inside voice.
Does your inside voice give your reassurance, tell you what you can do, and encourage you to push on? Or does it tell you it’s too hard, you’ll never be able to do it or to quit?
For as long as I can remember my inside voice has told me I could be great. It has always told me to take risks, to see what I can achieve and to not be afraid of failing. This quite honestly has been one of my greatest strengths through life and it has been critical in helping me to accomplish what I have so far. It’s also the voice that continues to talk loudly about what more I can still accomplish, the additional things I can do to make an impact, and that I need to continue to grow and avoid complacency.
So, I thought this week I’d share how I manage this voice and some things I have done for as long as I can remember to keep the inner voice working for instead of against me.
Preparation: For me this includes physical and mental work. Nothing erodes confidence or creates doubt quicker than knowing you have not put in the work necessary to be ready for the task you wanted to achieve. For me being prepared means I’ve gotten in my workouts, eaten clean, and rested. All three of these are essential pillars. If I neglect one of them I can greatly feel the impact in the other areas. It also means I am writing every morning. I write down what I am grateful for, what I intend to achieve and how I feel about money each day. This helps give me perspective, focus, validation of my worth and creates positive energy towards having a purposeful and productive day.
Positive Messaging: I go out of my way to find videos, articles, and books that make me feel good about what I’m going to do and remind me it is possible. I avoid negativity like the plague. To me this includes most news reports, gossip, and all the political arguments on social media. Listening to or reading any of that almost always puts me in a negative frame of mind and hampers my ability to achieve. One of the benefits of technology is that positive messaging is always available to us if we simply know where to look. I follow people who are living the kind of life I’d like to live, who are making the impact I’d like to make, and who have the same kind of success I’m looking to achieve.
Positive People: This is one of the hardest for most people and requires you to really take inventory of who you are spending your time with. Are the people closest to you feeding the positive voice by encouraging you to push on, sharing ideas of greatness and generally engaged in bettering themselves? Or are they reassuring the negative voice by complaining, sharing their own doubts, and leaving you feeling depressed and tired after interacting with them? I’m fortunate to have many positive people in my life that I can always lean on when I’m down, not feeling my best, or the voice of doubt has become louder.
Our time is too precious to waste listening to and feeding negativity. There so much more we can do if we believe in ourselves, work hard towards a purpose, and surround ourselves with fellow believers and doers!