It started out like most days.  I woke up, fed the dog, meditated, wrote in my journal, had a cup of coffee and started getting to my work for the day.   I checked email, posted on social, read a few posts and checked out our local news sources to see the latest updates.

My wife came downstairs and gave me her usual morning greeting, got her cup of coffee, and started her day as well.  For the next half hour if she came across something interesting, she would share it with me.  It was here that I started noticing something was different on this morning.  While I could hear her talking, I could not focus on listening.  I could feel my mind starting to race at a thousand miles an hour, my heart rate accelerated, and I could physically feel the stress building inside.

I thought if I ignored it, eventually it would slow down again.  However, we all know ignoring things is not a strategy at all, but unfortunately, it is a practice I have been good at through the years.  Ignore stuff long enough, eventually you and everyone else can forget about it.

This day was different though.  As it progressed, the noises kept getting louder, the thoughts got faster, and more scattered.  For the first time in my life, I felt completely helpless to stop them.

Then I did something that several years ago, my ego, arrogance, and machismo would not have allowed to be possible.

I started talking honestly to people in my inner circle about what was going on inside of me.  I talked with my wife, business partners and a couple close friends.

I allowed myself to shed a tear, to be honest, vulnerable, scared, confused, betrayed, sad and all the things that had been building up leading to this day.

I share this story with you all to encourage you to reach out and talk with someone if you are struggling and ask that if you are the someone they come to, slow down and really listen to them.

In these unprecedented times, with so many questions, so few answers and so many people’s lives being affected differently, let us choose to be there for one another.