This week while talking with people I care about; I could hear pain in their words and see struggle on their faces and in their body language.  Yet when asked if they need anything I was told “I am GOOD”.

I started thinking of how many times I had said the same thing over the course of my life when in fact I was not “GOOD”.  Externally I looked fine, but internally I was anything but “GOOD”.  I was struggling with emotions, sadness, depression, doubts, insecurities and pain.  Yet for some reason I, like many, felt the need to pretend I was also “GOOD”.

Avoiding the processing of emotions and dealing with the reasons I was suffering, hindered me in my personal relationships, professionally and in truly acquiring the life I desired.  Allowing myself to be honest with my emotions has been freeing, allowed me to be happier and much more at peace with my life.

Are you “GOOD”?