I have been spending a lot of my time recently researching and trying new activities that will help me shape my thoughts, focus my energy, and attract what I’m wanting to become.

This week a common topic that kept appearing was something known as the “placebo effect”.  For those of you unfamiliar with this, it is where some patient’s in a study are given a fake pill, shot, or drink that they believe contains medicine, herbs, or something that will cure, or treat an issue they are facing while other patients receive the actual thing.  The belief the placebo group had that they are feeling better actually creates physical improvement.

Just one of the interesting statistics I found was from Live Science.com:

“Anywhere from 30 to 50 percent of the people in a depression medication study will respond to placebo.”  LiveScience.com,  June 13, 2011

I won’t bore you with more statistics as the data gathered varied in the percentages that responded to placebo’s, but the one thing they all agreed upon was that they worked in many cases.

So, taking this information and applying it to our lives we should be able to re-create the same results.  We can choose to wake up every morning happy, grateful, and excited to see what the day holds for us.  We can decide how we live our days, and not allow our happiness to be dependent on everyone or everything else doing exactly what we wanted or expected.  We need to see our successes, opportunities and fulfillment in our own minds before we can expect to see the results in life.

For me I wake up every day thankful for the opportunities and challenges each day will bring and I choose to be happy and find happiness in tackling all of them.