This week I was recording an episode of The On Purpose Podcast and our guest, Zach Mercurio said something that really stuck with me.  In one of his explanations about his research of purposeful living and performance, he said “we can’t, not matter”.

I wrote that quote down as we continued and wondered if that was even possible.

Statistically, could we not matter, to at least one other person in the entire world?

Yet, I know people who do feel this way.

They feel overwhelmed by their circumstances and see the deck as being stacked against them.  They go through periods of life wondering if they truly matter.

So how can we help?

It might by your simple greeting to a stranger, that makes them realize they matter.

It could be asking the cashier at the grocery store how their day is going that helps them see the importance in what they do.

Maybe it is the random conversation with the older gentleman sitting alone in the coffee shop that helps them see they matter that day

The point I took away from this quote was that we all matter, and we all can help remind others they matter too!