Check your local news headlines for a minute, scroll your social media feeds and just listen to the conversations taking place around you.

Are you seeing what I see?

Debates, fears, and division occurring in our communities at many levels.

We scorn each other for wearing or not wearing a mask.

We argue with our neighbors in the medical field, that this is no worse than a flu, even though they see the worst of it every day.

Small business owners are labeled as selfish for wanting to reopen their businesses and provide for their families.

While we are busy doing these things, who is focused on demanding truthful answers from our elected officials?

Who is examining the voting records of those making policies and laws that we are voluntarily accepting as the truth, despite the frequent retractions and changes?

Are we falling for the distractions and voluntarily dividing ourselves to the point we are no longer even aware, that people should be held accountable for this.

Have we lost sight that we are empowered to demand the truth not from our neighbors but from our elected officials?

The nurse, small business owner, doctor, grocery store clerk in our neighborhood did not create this virus nor the policies to combat it.

While our experiences with this may be drastically different, it is in unifying them and our communities that we have true power to demand answers, accountability, and change.

Let us focus on those who have created the situation not those who suffer from it.