I’ve always been aware of positive self-talk and the ability visualization has to improve performance. I’ve used these techniques many times in my athletic and professional careers but it wasn’t until recently that I started using them in my personal life.

Andrea and I started openly talking about how much money we wanted to make, how we wanted to make it, how we would like to spend it, and how we what we would do on our perfect day. The crazy part of this is that by saying it, opening our minds and spirits to its possibilities, we have started creating it and changing some lifelong limiting habits we both had. We are now attracting the very things and opportunities we desired but seemed unobtainable!

I wanted to share how we are doing it because I see so many people who have dreams and goals that are sitting idly as life passes them by.

– Write down specific $ amounts you want to earn and by when
– Write down how you are going to earn it
– Write down what you would do with the $
– Make goals to connect with positive people that make you feel good
– Say no to people or occasions that don’t meet the goal above
– Listen to good music that puts you in a positive space
– Spend time giving to others (knowledge, material things, or simply time)

Feel free to share any visualization practices or specific steps you are using to create your success.