Too much responsibility, not enough responsibility. Too much freedom, not enough freedom. Too much structure, not enough structure.

This week I found that many of the things causing me stress or anxiousness, were the very things I wished for and dreamed of a year ago. They were the very things I desired and longed for but now the weight of them felt the same as what I was seeking to rid myself. How many of you have found yourself in the same situation? What changed?

It was not the tasks I needed to complete, or the risk associated with my decisions. They are both exactly what I thought they would be. What changed was my perspective. I forgot I chose this new life. I forgot I was excited by the risk, by the challenges and by the freedoms to create on my own. I forgot to enjoy the struggle and uncertainty!

If you are where you once dreamed of being, be grateful, thankful and remember you dreamed of being here at one time.