I’ve always been a dreamer and believer that I was destined to accomplish great things in my life.  Throughout the past 44 years, I have had good experiences, bad experiences, laughed, cried, tried things that scared the hell out of me and hung my head in shame a time or two.  But I never let any one experience define me of shake me from my purpose.  I’ve always been able to maintain my faith that each and every experience, good or bad, was there for a reason and eventually it would help me get to where I am supposed to be.

This website and blog are the manifestations of the experiences my family and I have gone through and the platform we want to use to reach people all over the world.  Andrea and I are excited to continue to be able to help, inspire, coach, and lead those of you who have been with us on our amazing journey so far and we are excited to add more dreamers, believers, and doers from all over the world to our team.

Andrea and I have consolidated our individual efforts, (law enforcement training, leadership courses, personal training and wellness) into one website and platform to make it easier for everyone to find us and to reinforce we are a team in all of our endeavors and life!  We are coming up on our 18th anniversary and I can tell you chasing dreams together, growing together, risking together, has made us closer and more committed to our success than ever!

Thanks for reading this blog and we will be doing this frequently whenever we have a story, message, or experience that we feel compelled to share.