It was in a recent conversation with our two teenagers that we were on a consistent topic, who they choose to call “friends” and spend their time with.  I was explaining to them the quote:

“You become the sum of the five people you spend the most time with”  – Jim Rohn

I asked them to think about the habits and activities of the five people they are spending time with and realize that is in fact who they are becoming.  I wanted them to reflect and asked them if they would be proud to bring their five to meet their grandparents, family and others they look up to.  Honestly, it was met with the usual teenage response eye rolls and defensiveness but I do believe it will make a difference at some point.

It also got me thinking that as adults many times we will expect this of our kids and not necessarily take the time to really evaluate ourselves.  Who are the five we spend all our time with and are they the kind of people we would be proud of?  Are they still growing, taking new challenges, giving to others?  Or are they stagnant, naysayers and just accepting that the life they have today is as good as it will get?

I challenge you to make sure your five are there because they help bring out the best in you!