In a world devoid of interpersonal relationships, where is seems everyone is a friend, connection or follower it is easy for us to lose sight of our most important relationship.  The one that truly defines all the others in our lives.  This relationship sets the thermometer for how we allow others to treat us, what we will tolerate, accept and ultimately our happiness.

What I’m talking about is our relationship with ourselves.  What do we say to ourselves when we look in the mirror?  What voices go through our heads when we are faced with a difficult decision?  Are we valuing our worth, our strengths and our contributions to the world or are we always in pursuit of someone else’s opinion of us?

Let us make a commitment to work on our self-image and set a plan to be conscious of what we say to ourselves.  We make commitments to others all the time and have no problem fulfilling them.  How about we prioritize this commitment to ourselves!