This course will be an eye opener for many attendees.  As a 20 years law enforcement veteran I’m going to facilitate group discussions on many topics left long unsaid.  We will discuss how and why we were all led to this line of work.  We will identify the roles required of today’s officers by the many customers we serve and how to be mindful of balancing those with the job tasks we really enjoy.  There will be frank and candid discussion about the internal environment officers deal with daily.  We will discuss how to identify, prevent, and overcome toxic relationships in the workplace and how that impacts our use-of-force training.

Students will get practical steps to help them sharpen their Warrior mindset while getting tools to help them stay mindful of their Guardian role as well.  We will transition this information into essential steps required to ensure we have the proper mindset and energy to meet the needs of all the stakeholders while finding daily enjoyment in the relationships around us.

Students will leave feeling motivated and with a desire to make improvements for themselves, their familes, and their agency.  However, I do not want to leave it at desire alone because I know many times it is not enough.  I will ensure students leave with practical daily steps they can take to make these changes a reality.

Financial Incentives are available if you would like to host this course which is flexible in length to meet your agency needs.  Minimum amount of time is 2 hours.