This Defensive Tactics course teaches officer safety and confidence.

Jerrod designed and created a Ground Tactics course for his organization and spent the last 13 years of his Law Enforcement career refining it and delivering the material to officers of all skills levels.

This Ground Tactics program was designed to meet the needs of todays challenging environment.

The course balances tactically sound, fundamentally solid skills, while maximizing limited training time, focused on gross motor skills and simplicity for officer confidence and managing liability both in use of force applications on the street and injury prevention in training.

What do our students have to say about the class?

“Excellent course!  One of the best law enforcement courses I have been to in my career.  The instructors really care about student development.” – Anonymous Student Evaluation

Hands down the best course I’ve been too in my 7 year career.  I love the mindset talks, the break down of a coach vs instructor delivery methods and the admission and discussion of fear affecting our training.  Thank you for doing this!”  – Anonymous Student Evaluation

“Very good. Thank you for making me better.” – Anonymous Student Evaluation

Awesome class. Great philosophy and presented in a manner which was easy to understand.” – Anonymous Student Evaluation

“After 15 years classes can sometimes seem mundane but your class surpassed all my expectations. I’m excited to bring this stuff back. Most of all the coaching advise was not only the best part but something I will carry over as a supervisor.” – Mark Galvan

“Really enjoyed the class. Could tell you really care about each student.” Anonymous Student Evaluation

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