In the wake of losing another police officer to violence in Colorado I sent this message to all of the recruits I am privileged to lead as they start their careers:

Good morning team,

Last night while I was doing homework with my son safely in the comfort of my home, an Adams County deputy lost his life in the line of duty. No doubt he was a man just like you and I who found a purpose in serving others and helping those who can’t help themselves. Unfortunately his calling put him in harm’s way and now his family, loved ones, and friends, are left dealing with the questions of why now and why him.

I send you these thoughts because this is the path you are also on. You will need to run towards danger, risk your own safety to protect others, and do it all knowing you’re the life your family has come to expect hinges on the outcomes of these encounters. So never take a moment with them for granted, get to know who your partners are for their family is trusting you with their lives, and live a full life every day.

Thoughts and prayers to all those affected by another senseless tragedy.