The young reporter was fair and open minded and wanted to discuss the rise in assaults on police officers in Colorado since 2009 as report by the FBI.  As I prepared for this interview in reading the reports, I noticed there was an increase in this type of activity from approximately 900 to over 1500 incidents per year.  I wanted to make sure that she got a good picture of exactly what these numbers mean.  These numbers mean that even in the lowest year, approximately 900 families were impacted by their loved ones being physically harmed for doing their job.  Dads, moms, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, all injured or potentially injured by a criminal on our streets in our communities.

To further the point that we were not discussing “numbers” but real life human beings with feelings, family’s and a greater purpose in life which is to serve others.  I took her into our local police recruit class and introduced her to the four new officers.  I told her their names, family make up, college education, where they came from and why they choose to come to our community.

We then proceeded to my office to talk about this report.  I wanted to instill in her my job as a professional trainer is to always stay current in trends and tactics being used by officers and against officers.  To make sure I do everything in my power to reduce the risk of injury or death to our officers, while meeting the service needs of the community and to earn the trust of their families.  I want the families to understand that each and every time they are at training, they are getting better!  So until the number of officers assaulted in our community is zero, I have work to do!

Please read the article and let me know what you think of how it turned out.