20 years ago, as a nervous young man, debating on relocating his family to a new state, joining a new agency and starting my career over again, I waited anxiously in a small police department lobby.   As I was sitting there rehearsing the answers to the questions, I anticipated be asked, several officers of the agency walked by without so much as an acknowledgment of my presence.  Then Marc entered the lobby.

He was a physically imposing individual who was clearly headed somewhere with a purpose. Then the craziest thing happened.  He stopped and asked if I was here for an interview?  He introduced himself to me, shook my hand and told me to relax.  Marc gave me advice to just be myself in the interview and that things would be fine.   He was right!

Fast forward to today and he is someone I gladly call a friend and mentor.  He beat me into retirement, entrepreneurship and worldly travel, but he still makes time for us to catch up, share ideas and collaborate on where we are both headed.  Thanks Marc!

What small acts have made a difference in your life?