Knowing your why?

This statement is pretty popular in motivational speaking and life coaching circles, so many of you have probably heard it in some context or another.

There are two keys points to keep in mind trying to identify your why. First off you need to separate your why you do what you do, from the what you do. Too many people when asked about their why really answer with a what. For example, I asked some police officers recently why they do their jobs. Many said “to make a difference” or “to be of service” in response to the question. While those are noble answers they are more of a statement to what they do. To my surprise many of the officers, who know their lives are on the line every shift, did not even know their why. Some sat staring at me blankly and I could see it on their faces they had not considered this before.

Maybe I’m different, but for me my why has been clear since a very young age. If you have heard me speak before you know of the relationship I have with my mother and the special place she holds in my heart. I can tell you my why without hesitation, thought, or delay, because it has been my motivation through my life for as long as I can remember. So I shared my personal story with the classes to demonstrate the power of identifying and staying true to your WHY.

Having a well-defined why gives you purpose to continue forward. It holds you accountable to get things done. It will be the voice in your head that tells you not to quit, keep fighting, keep going when all of the fibers in your being want to stop, give up and quit.

So if you don’t know why you do what you do every day, I encourage you to take sometime and write out a few notes of the things that are truly important to you. Write down the things you could not imagine being absent in your life, the dreams you have, and what you still want to accomplish. Somewhere in these lists will be your why? Once you identify it, make sure you give it conscious thought every day. Make sure you are doing things every day that honor it and that represent the value you place in it.

Knowing your why is your road map to achieving and getting the most out of this crazy journey we call life!

Happy Friday Focus!