This model is what I have used for years in training many school teachers, biologists, accountants, pastors, college graduates, and people from many other walks of life and turned them into high performing police officers, firefighters, and employees.

In professions where your very safety and the safety of those around you depends on trust, there is no policy manual or employee handbook that will create it.  It is done by creating a team that has a defined mission, defined expectations, and is empowered to be their best!  This same model is true no matter your mission!

In this course we will:

 – Identify Purpose

– Take Ownership and Plan for Continued Growth

– Learn to be Honest and Self Assess Frequently

– Identify Who We Are Outside of Work

If they know how our beliefs impact our decisions you get innovation, risk taking, and high performance, because it’s what they want to do not what they have to do!