Do you remember how bad you wanted your current position at one time in your life?

Are you on or in charge of a team that has become disengaged, lacks enthusiasm and seems to be going through the motions?

Let Us Help You:

  • Reignite the Fire
  • Build Trust
  • Get Back on the Same Page

Our Purpose Driven Leadership program is the same program we have used to create highly successful law enforcement professionals, leadership teams and small businesses that need the best of all individuals to achieve their mission.  

Everyone has a deeper purpose for why they do what they do daily, however in today’s world of negativity, hate and discontent it is easy for all of us to lose sight of our purpose.  Allow us an opportunity to conduct individual, small team or large group training designed to find that purpose again and reignite the fire of our true potential!

I’ve spent most of the last 21 years transitioning people of all walks of life, various backgrounds, experiences and ages from being community members to becoming police officers.  

The group discussions and self-reflective exercises we used to instill in them the confidence to answer the calls of danger, sacrifice themselves for their community and each other, are easily applied to your small business, leadership team, or anyone else who is tasked with making others better.  

Our Purpose Driven Leadership program is designed to remind your team members of their true purpose, the passion they once had for their job/assignment/position and the ability they have to reclaim it!  

Book us to help you and your team come together, build or rebuild trust and begin to perform at the highest levels. Relationships, trust and purpose are not just buzzwords for us and our team of professionals. They are the core beliefs and fundamentals behind any successful team, business or individual!  

We have used this model to positively impact the most hardened of veteran police officers who have spent years seeing the worst of our society.  However, below that rough exterior is the same heart and spirit that led them into the decision to serve their community in the first place. It is our privilege and honor to accept the challenge of getting them to find their true purpose again!  See what we can do for your team.

In this course we will:

– Identify Purpose

– Take Ownership and Plan for Continued Growth

– Learn to be Honest and Self Assess Frequently

– Identify Who We Are Outside of Work

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