This week I was fortunate enough to attend a keynote speech by Leon Logthetis (The Kindness Diaries) and he talked about our basic human desire to be seen.  To truly be seen by those around us as a whole person, instead of in the roles we play or are assigned in life, father/mother, husband/wife, brother/sister, police officer/career choice etc.

As I sat there, I could feel the tears well up.  I began to think about my recent life changes.  Initially, I thought I wanted to find more happiness, but now I’m not sure that it was not meant to allow me to be seen.  To allow me to be more authentic, with fewer barriers, less roles to play to meet other people’s needs and to allow me to be me.

I realized that in the unhappiest times in my life it was due to exactly this, I was not seen. I was fulfilling roles, putting up barriers and honestly not seeing or looking for all the goodness in the people around me as well.

To be seen by others and to see them for all they are is to be made human, to feel important, to be accepted and ultimately happy!