Maybe we were just going through the motions of life, our personal relationships, how we were treating the earth.  Maybe just maybe our current situation was exactly what we needed to wake us up!

As Americans, maybe we were too comfortable with our freedoms.  Free to work, travel, shop, attend church, gather with family.  Now we spend our days being “compliant”, staying in our homes, anxiously awaiting the next message from our government to see if the numbers justify the actions.

When you do go out in public, it is like something from a bad science fiction movie.  Masks here, six feet of distance there, do not shake hands or hug people, they could be asymptomatic carriers and silently spreading the virus.

The payoff is a small check to help you get through the month, even though for many people it is a slap in the face and a dose of a stark reality to be valued so little.

I know many of you may not agree with any or all of this and that is fine, I respect it.

However, I encourage all of us as people of the world and especially Americans, to start asking questions when things do not make sense, to critically evaluate information and form our own opinions.

We can choose to decide when enough is enough.  We can choose to come together as people and refuse to accept this as our new normal.

Maybe we are waking up now?

#Friday Focus