During these times of uncertainty and forced change to our daily routines, it is easy to become overcome with fear.  If you watch the news for any length of time, scroll social media or at times even engage virtually with your friends, you can become bombarded with messages of all the impending doom and gloom.

While I’m not saying don’t be informed, I am saying we can frame how we see things and the physiological response our body has to the information.

Here is an exercise I came up with that helps me through these uncertain times.  I talk about my specific fear and its opposite.

I fear disease – I love my health – Instead of being powerless to disease I can focus on making sure I am moving my body daily, eating properly, drinking water and not taking health for granted.  Going on those hikes, lifting weights with my son, doing the things that increase my odds of beating any disease I may get.

I fear dying – I love living – I am more aware of the small moments around me, enjoying the people and this time knowing it is part of the life I am living.  Not waiting to tell people I love them, writing that book, taking that trip, living my life!

I fear judgement – I love freedom – I will live my life on my terms, chasing the dreams that are crazy to others knowing it is my life and when it ends I will have gotten my money’s worth from the ride.

Try this exercise and share it with those you are spending this isolation time with.  Fear is normal and should not be diminished but it is also not all powerful and paralyzing.

Take control of what you will focus on and replace FEAR with LOVE!